Welcome to Bern Factor LLC Investment Advisory

Welcome to Bern Factor LLC Investment Advisory

Welcome to Bern Factor LLC Investment AdvisoryWelcome to Bern Factor LLC Investment AdvisoryWelcome to Bern Factor LLC Investment Advisory

Focused on Consistency, Concentrated on Quality 

Building a Portfolio to Suit Your Goals


Investment and Analysis Tools

The Friedrich algorithm is a key tool used in selecting stocks with high quality free cash flows, excellent capital allocation, and consistently superior returns on invested capital.  The Friedrich database of analysis includes 10 years of ratios and analysis on over 4,000 U.S. exchange-listed stocks and 5 years for more than 16,000 foreign stocks in 35 countries around the globe.  Learn more about how the algorithm works and what is included at  http://www.askfriedrich.com/ 

Stock Rover

When digging deeper into a company's financial statements or when we simply want a powerful  screening tool, Stock Rover is the best tool we have found.  All the ratios you can imagine and financial results for 10 years are available on Stock Rover.  Follow this link to learn more:   https://www.stockrover.com/why-stock-rover/?sa_author=bernfactor 

Minimum Investments and Allocations

 There is a minimum initial investment of $100,000 for an account.  Additional periodic investments to the same account can be as low as $50.  We will suggest an appropriate allocation for your risk tolerance based upon the results of our questionnaire to be filled out during the application process.  You may accept the suggested allocation or adjust it to meet your needs or preferences.  We are available to assist you by phone if necessary at the number listed in the Contact Us section. 

Mission Statement

We build core portfolios designed to achieve the goals of each investor while using internally developed strategies to enhance portfolio income/performance and hedge against significant portfolio loss.

About Us


Mark Bern CFA is our founder and sole advisor at Bern Factor LLC. He is a former CPA (1990 -2017) and became a CFA charter holder in 2000. He is considered an expert in quantitative and qualitative analysis with experience in technical analysis. He has a deep interest in stock market history and holds degrees in Economics (BSBA) and Management Information Systems (MBA). He has been actively involved with investment analysis and investment management since 1985 but has been a student of investing since the 1960s. He owned his first individual stock position while still in high school. He is a student of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. He has achieved a uniquely diverse experience from multiple careers. This has allowed him to develop a broad perspective enabling him to look at the big picture of macroeconomics all the way down to the detail of a retail unit or factory floor. He spent much of his youth in retail, then served two tours in Vietnam, including one in reconnaisance. He has been a blue collar, union worker in a factory and a manager in services, hospitality and transportation as well as a manager of professional staffs. He has more than 20 years of experience each in both the public and private sectors. He has developed personal points of reference that many analysts will never have. 

Investment Philosophy

Quality and Free Cash Flow

We concentrate all core portfolios on quality investments in companies that consistently generate superior free cash flow and financial results. Our experience has shown us that investments is such companies generally experience reduced losses during downturns, relative to the broad market indices, and rebound more quickly.

We have found that those companies consistently generating superior free cash flow have a higher probability of future growth than those that do not. We therefore analyze free cash flows above all other factors to ensure the quality of earnings and the resilience and strength of a company’s capital structure that enables it not only to endure but to grow.


We focus on companies that consistently raise dividends to support those clients requiring current, or soon-to-be current, income. Our understanding of cash flows aids us in avoiding companies most likely to cut or terminate dividend payments and allows us to identify those companies most capable and likely to continue increasing dividends.

Enhancing Performance and Income

 We enhance portfolio income and performance (when appropriate and with permission of clients based upon individual risk tolerances and needs) with options strategies designed to benefit from market conditions. Our experience over more than three decades of investing and market analysis has revealed to us that specific options strategies provide better results under certain circumstances.

Hedging to Conserve Capital

Underlying everything we do is a keen attention to conserving capital. We endeavor to minimize major losses to portfolio value by using our unique hedging strategy whenever we perceive that market conditions warrant

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