Portfolios Available for Investing

The Friedrich Focused Growth Portfolio

 The Friedrich Focused Growth portfolio is actively managed and more concentrated in fewer issues in order to optimize overall growth prospects. Each position will be monitored regularly. The number of additions and deletions may vary over time but we do not expect the portfolio to contain more than 20 issues. Only the best companies that meet the highest standards of our algorithmic analysis will be considered. Allocation between stocks and cash will be adjusted as needed to endeavor to balance capital preservation and grow prospects of the portfolio.

The Friedrich Dividend Growth Portfolio

 The Friedrich Dividend Growth portfolio is actively managed and comprised of companies with strong prospects for consistently rising dividends and long-term growth. The portfolio seeks to provide a rising stream of dividend income from companies with consistently superior free cash flow generation.

The Friedrich Aggressive Growth Portfolio

 The Friedrich Aggressive Growth portfolio is actively managed and comprised of the best companies that trade on the U.S. stock exchanges, regardless of industry, selected using our Friedrich algorithm. The algorithm focuses on analysis of free cash flow and offering the best value relative to growth prospects for the long term. This portfolio is designed to hold up to 50 positions adjusting allocations according between stocks and cash depending our projections of overall market valuation and the macroeconomic climate. Additions and deletions will be relatively few throughout the year though we will reassess the components monthly. This portfolio provides diversification while aiming for market-beating total return. 

The Friedrich Conservative Growth Portfolio

 The Friedrich Conservative Growth portfolio is actively managed and puts conservation of capital over growth. The portfolio is designed to contain up to 50 stock positions that are monitored regularly. Only those companies that meet our six primary criteria are considered including valuation based upon our proprietary free cash flow methodology. 

The Friedrich 150

 The Friedrich 150 folio active index is designed to compete with the S&P 500 Index with the Friedrich algorithm selecting one domestic company from each of the 150 industries that it projects to offer the greatest potential for growth. The Friedrich 150 folio active index will be monitored regularly to offer the highest potential quality per industry. Turnover is expected to be very low. The portfolio strives for better diversification and high overall quality of its components. The fund will remain 100% invested in equities. 

Minimum Investments and Allocations

 There is a minimum initial investment of $100,000 for an account.  Additional periodic investments to the same account can be as low as $50.  The amount can be allocated between the available portfolios.  We will suggest an appropriate allocation for your risk tolerance based upon the results of our questionnaire to be filled out during the online application process.  You may accept the suggested allocation or adjust it to meet your needs or preferences.  We are available to assist you by phone if necessary at the number listed in the Contact Us section. 

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